Going Over the Edge for Kids

Join us Saturday, September 7 as we go to new heights and then step over the edge to raise money for children's mental health services in Maine!

PCHC is rising to new heights this year—100 ft!—to raise money to support children’s mental health.

Over the Edge for Kids is an adventure fundraiser hosted by Penobscot Community Health Care (PCHC) that challenges you to take your community support to new heights! The Over The Edge Experience provides the unique opportunity for individuals or groups to raise funds in exchange for an over the edge adventure – rappelling from the top of Hollywood Casino! No climbing or rappelling experience necessary, just enough courage to go over the edge!

We hear from our pediatricians, nurse practitioners, counselors, and social workers that our kids are more anxious, more depressed, more sedentary, and less interactive than they were just a decade ago.

Penobscot Community Health Care is stepping up to improve access to mental and preventative health care services by opening an expanded pediatrics practice this fall, and we ask you to join us by stepping up.

And then step off a building!

Space is limited  – the first 100 individuals to raise $750 will earn a spot to go Over the Edge!

Why Should I Participate?

Because of people like Nick.

How Can I Get Involved?

Our Over the Edge Experience will kick off at 9:00 am with our first brave Edger! Up to 10 people an hour will be rappelling down 100 feet from the roof of the Hollywood Casino! You won’t want to miss this!

1. Go Over The Edge!

Sign up today as an individual or within a team! Raise funds for kids mental health in exchange for the adventure of a lifetime: rappelling down the Hollywood Casino! Spots are limited to the first 100 people who raise $750.

2. Become a Sponsor

Take your community support to new heights and sponsor the Over the Edge Experience! There are several exciting sponsorship opportunities available. Contact Paula Eaton, paula.eaton@pchc.com or 207-404-8100 ext. 2465

3. Toss Your Boss!

Gather your coworkers and collectively raise at least $1,500 to send your boss Over The Edge! But, beware … If your boss matches the team’s contribution, they can choose to send someone else Over The Edge instead!

Nick's Story

Nick* spent his childhood riddled with fear. From simple things like raising his hand in class to making a call or joining a group, he struggled with extreme anxiety that made it impossible to fully participate in the daily activities of life.

Nick and his family had previously sought therapy services, with mixed results. Six months ago, Nick had his annual exam with his pediatrician at Penobscot Pediatrics, where his doctor recommended he speak with Karen Gardner, LMSWcc, who is also part of the Penobscot Pediatrics team.

“The warm hand-off from physician to therapy made the transition easy for Nick and his family,” said Gardner. “We could get started right away. For Nick and many other kids I work with, their biggest need is to be heard. Having their pediatrician hear them and get them help quickly is such a huge piece of that. Kids are so resilient when we help them find the tools to succeed.”

Gardner notes that the Over the Edge experience is a great analogy for those wishing to understand the anxiety that many kids go through. “That fear of stepping off the building is the same level of fear that some kids have about everything, every day. Their fears might seem benign (such as walking into the classroom alone) to the adults around them, but to the kids, they are debilitating. When you step off that building, you will be safely tucked into a harness, but that doesn’t necessarily alleviate the anxiety. It’s the same conundrum some kids face daily.”

Nick’s story is not over, but the journey is getting easier. He graduated from high school this spring, has earned a certification in a trade, and is headed to college in the fall, all things too intimidating to consider just six months ago.

*not the patient’s real name

I'm In — But What Do I Need to Know?

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Over the Edge?

Over the Edge is a Canada-based special events company that provides signature events for non-profit organizations anywhere in North America. Participants are invited to raise pledges in exchange for the once-in-a-lifetime experience of repelling over the edge of a local building. In Bangor, the Over the Edge crew handles the technical aspects of the event and PCHC recruits rappellers to participate in the event and raise money for recovery services. For more information about Over the Edge USA, please visit www.overtheedgeusa.com.

How does it work?

To go Over the Edge, individual participants must raise a minimum of $750. “Toss Your Boss” groups/teams must raise $1,500, and will receive sponsorship recognition based on fundraising goals. The majority of fundraising is done online through our donation portal.


I don't have any experience fundraising, how do I do it?

Thanks to our online fundraising portal at you can easily share your Over the Edge endeavor with friends and family near and far! When you register to go Over the Edge you will be prompted to create your own personal fundraising Web page. You can add photos, upload videos, and change the text on the page to help encourage your friends and family to support your Over the Edge efforts to benefit PCHC’s treatment and recovery programs!

How do I raise enough money to go Over the Edge?

  • You can collect “online” credit card donations by sending your friends and family a link to your personal fundraising page.
  • You can also collect cash and check donations by using this form. “Offline” donors should include your name in the memo line of checks, and checks should be made out to PCHC.
  • Cash and check donations can be mailed to PCHC at PO Box 1358, Bangor, Maine 04402. We don’t encourage you to mail cash — either drop it by our office at 103 Maine Avenue, Bangor, get a cashier’s check to mail, or turn it in on event day.
  • Before you know it, your friends, family and contacts will have helped you reach your fundraising goal and you’ll be rappelling down the side of Hollywood Casino!

What happens if I do not raise $750?

Minimum Fundraising Clause: Each individual participant must reach the minimum $750 to go Over the Edge. Teams/Toss Your Boss participants must reach the minimum $1,500 to go Over the Edge.

Are there incentives to raise MORE money?

  • Thrill Seekers $750: Get to rappel 100’ off the Hollywood Casino and receive an event t-shirt.
  • Risk Taker $1,500: Get to rappel 100’ off the Hollywood Casino and receive an event t-shirt plus get a framed picture going over the edge.
  • Adrenaline Junkie $2,000: Get to rappel 100’ off the Hollywood Casino, receive an event t-shirt, get a framed picture going over the edge and receive a GoPro video of the experience.
  • Dare Devil/Angel $5,000 and above: Get to rappel 100’ off the Hollywood Casino, receive an event t-shirt, get a framed picture going over the edge and receive a GoPro video of the experience, PLUS choose a naming opportunity at the new Pediatrics Center at 6 Telcom Drive.
  • Event Sponsor $5,000-50,000: If you are interested in being a major sponsor for this event and/or the new Pedriatrics Center at 6 Telcom Drive, call Paula at 992-9200.


Do I need to have rappelling experience to participate?

Not at all! We will coach you and help you to feel comfortable on event day. There will be a “Rappel School” before the descent.

Are there weight restrictions for rappelling?

Yes, participants must be between 100-350 pounds to safely fit into the harness equipment.

Is there a minimum age to rappel?

No, but minors must have their waiver signed by a consenting parent or guardian.

What time will I rappel on September 7?

By August 31, you will receive your scheduled time to rappel. You may request a broad time frame, (am or pm) but we cannot guarantee a time.

What if it rains on September 7?

Rain or shine we are still planning on rappelling.

What should I wear for the rappel?

You’re going to be walking down the side of the building so wear good shoes. No sandals, slip-on shoes, slippers, flip flops, high heels or steel toed boots are permitted. Wear long pants and a long-sleeved shirt. Do not wear overly loose or baggy clothing, or clothing with draw strings. The harness goes around your legs, waist and shoulders, so it is best to avoid anything too bulky. Long hair must be tied back. You will be given a pair of gloves and a helmet to wear while you rappel.

Can I wear a costume?

Costumes are allowed but are subject to the same limitations as baggy clothing. Every attempt will be made to safely fit costumes around harnesses and helmets. It is ultimately the decision of the Site Safety Supervisor. Head pieces that will not accommodate a helmet, obscure your vision or are notably large or heavy will rarely be allowed.

Can I rappel with my camera or other valuables?

  • We constantly worry about objects being dropped over the side, so personal cameras are not permitted. You won’t have a free hand to take photos anyway!
  • We will have professional photographer on the roof and you’ll receive the images after the event.
  • On event day, you will check-in droppable items like keys and cell phones, or jewelry that can get caught on things. No phones are allowed on the roof!
  • GoPros are only permitted for those raising $2,000 or more and will be provided at the event.

Can my friends or family take pictures of me from the roof?

Unfortunately, friends of the participants will not be allowed on the roof top. The roof is a restricted access area. PCHC will have an event photographer taking pictures from the roof, ensuring that each participant gets a picture of himself or herself going over. However, your family and friends CAN watch from the Over the Edge celebration, which will take place down below on the grassy area behind the Hollywood Casino at the hotel entrance. This area will have the best view for photographs!

What will the day of the OTE event be like?

Planning is still in the works, but the idea is to make it very festive! Rappelling begins at 9 a.m. and goes to 5 p.m. (unless we extend hours). Each rappeller will be announced when they rappel and cheered when they land. There will be food and fun, bring your friends and supporters!


Is Over the Edge safe?

Absolutely! Over the Edge has never had a single incident or accident at any event since their inception in 2003. Every Over the Edge event is set up as an industrial worksite and as a result is compliant with all federal and state OSHA Fall Protection Standards and OSHA Federal and State Laws. Further to this, our policies and procedures adhere to the best practices identified by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) counsel. This counsel is a strict regulatory body that has regimented guidelines and safety protocols that far exceed the OSHA, Workers Compensation and state labor codes. To read more about safety, visit the Over the Edge site.

Who will be setting up the rappel gear and what are their qualifications?

All members of the Over the Edge technical team are IRATA and SPRAT certified industrial rope access technicians. We also rely on the help of volunteers from local fire departments, SWAT teams and AMGA Guides to assist with the ropes. All have extensive training in areas like rope rescue and/or are instructors in rope rescue or climbing.

How old are the ropes? How often are they inspected and by whom?

The Over the Edge technical team regularly orders new ropes. They are inspected by our qualified technical staff at the start and end of each event. During the event, safety checks are performed for each person before they rappel, and every 2 1/2 hours the team re-inspects all the rigging.

Do I get to practice before the big rappel?

Yes! You will have the opportunity to practice before your big rappel. This practice session will help you get used to the harness, rappel device and technique for descending the building!

Ready to go Over the Edge?

For any questions or to become a sponsor, contact Paula Eaton, 207-404-8100 ext. 2465, paula.eaton@pchc.com